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Evolution Project est un projet indépendant réunissant nombre d'artistes Sénégalais et de la diaspora autour de thèmes comme le développement social, la culture, l'amour et la spiritualité.  Ce voyage musical permet de transmettre un état des lieux honnête du potentiel artistique actuel de cette scène musicale émergeante et indépendante.
Enregistré entre Dakar et Paris dans un esprit constructif et professionnel, Evolution Project propose pour ce premier volume un florilège d'artistes parmi les plus représentatifs de cette actuelle génération d’artistes et musiciens ouest-africains.

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Evolution project

The various artists from the compilation all now have a loyal following, looking at the crowds drawn by their performances as well as their respective updates on social network. They have an audience spread geographically across the world and they are all working on albums set to come out in 2014/15

Indeed, Mandingo Jazz, Nu Soul, Traditional Music, Reggae and hiphop have the spotlight in this project because the performances have all been exclusively played live (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and traditional instruments) by young musicians, some of whom have more than 15 years experience.

« Evolution Project » was created because of the belief that today’s promotion of Senegalese artists, musicians and hidden talents is still incredibly poor.
This musical project, developed in Senegal l in a professional, ambitious and constructive spirit aims to:

– Give effective and consequential exposure to certain well and lesser known musicians, artists who have made the risky choice to wish to live their art.

– Organise the artists participating in “evolution project” schedules performing at different festivals, on concert stages in Africa and around the world.

– To make a significant proportion of Senegalese musical potential to as many people as possible.  This will be done by promoting it effectively across the country, in the sub regions and internationally.

– To promote the richness and musicality of our national languages ​​(Wolof, Fulani, Sosse) to an eclectic audience., several songs performed in English allow “Evolution Project ” to be open to African and international  English speakers, by means of themes and messages as positive as they are constructive and for which they will only have greater reach.

– Encourage self production of music, not subject to formatting by the “music business” as it is too often imposed in Senegal today